Dan Henderson is a Molecular Structured Beast

Dan Henderson isn’t one of my favorite fighters in the world of MMA, but there’s no doubt that he’s a beast. Today it was made official that he’ll be fighting Vitor Belfort in Brazil on November 9th. Both guys are on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) and will have exemptions from the testosterone. Henderson is turning 43 in three days and he’s in amazing shape for a guy at that age. I wouldn’t mind looking like that by the time I’m 43, but then again, I still have 21 years to get there, and at the age of 22 it’s sad to see that Henderson looks better than me and is in better shape than me when he’s older than dirt and I’m a young buck! I’m disappointed in myself and this should come as some serious motivation.

MMA: UFC 161-Evans vs Henderson

I’m a big MMA fan, so posting about the UFC and the sport itself comes natural to me. Skip over you must.


One thought on “Dan Henderson is a Molecular Structured Beast

  1. I’m with ya’ heck I’m 32 and he puts me to shame, serious motivation. I must admit he’s one of my favorites, he’s been the underdog a lot but always comes out on top, cats gotta watch out for that right hand it’s serious, will leave ya in lala land ask Michael Bispbing lol.

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