I Love Stimulants

Call me a junkie, but I love stimulants. The legal kind, folks, not the illicit shit you might be thinking of. It’s why I consume caffeine in various forms like coffee, energy drinks, Perky Jerky (caffeinated beef and turkey jerky) and caffeine pills. I should take a break for a couple of weeks just so that I can give my body a refresher, but I don’t feel like dealing with the side effects of withdrawals (the headaches are the worst).

I bought two bottles of Muscle Pharm’s Shred Matrix (40 days worth of servings). I’m already loving it. Of course, it’s a stimulant/fat burner hybrid. Now, do fat burners ‘work’? You’ve gotta eat in regards to a caloric deficit and exercise for them to have any effect. I like the product for the energetic buzz and appetite suppression. Although, folks, the greatest fat burner out there that I’ve experienced that featured the best appetite suppression? Dexaprine V2. Dexaprine has since lowered the dosage of its ingredients in the newest Dexaprine XR and it’s not even as nearly as effective as its predecessor.

BSN, another reputable company that I love like Muscle Pharm, its fat burner is Hyper Shred. I’ve always thought it was a better stimulant for focusing on a task, though, given its solid nootropic blend. I’ve also recently tried USP Labs’ OxyElitePro and BPI’s B4. OxyElite Pro is a decent, little thermogenic and BPI’s B4 is very generic, underwhelming, underpriced and inefficient.

I don’t advise or recommend anybody reading to take these. If you do, do your fair share of reading beforehand. My body has a high tolerance for stimulants, but yours might not.


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