3 thoughts on “Fake/Spam Likes on Good Ol’ WordPress

  1. I used to get a bit frustrated with “like” but now I don’t mind. Some like my posts, some want to say “hi” or “you might like to visit me” it doesn’t really bother me now.

  2. Hi there.
    This post caught my eye and I can assure you, I did read all of it!
    I guess I’ve been clueless since I began WordPress a few months ago, because I wasn’t even aware that likes could be because of the reasons you stated.
    Hmmm…I think it’s wonderful that people like you read properly. And I do too, because why press the button without reading someone’s work, which they spent time on!
    Good post, and I thank you for it!
    Nice to meet you!

  3. [ Smiles ] It is only fair that a blogger presses “Like” after they read the post. From a logical point of view, if I have never read an article, how in God’s name would I know if I liked the article or not?

    Lovely article!

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