Hey Ladies, You Won’t “Get Huge” If You Lift Weights

It’s my sworn duty as a man that appreciates the fine art of a fine, feminine derriere to eliminate the scourge of flatassery in every form. Part of the game plan involves lifting something that’s supposed to be fucking heavy. Most guys are total sissies and would rather spend their days in a Mountain Dew/Xbox coma instead of lifting some heavy shit. However, women offer the strongest resistance to weight training, and they all use the same ridiculous excuse:

“I don’t want to get huge!”
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Ladies, I have news for you. One round of squats will not magically transform you into the She-Hulk. In fact, you aren’t going to “get huge” at all, unless you embark on years of very specific training and nutritional regimes and (most likely) testosterone supplements and steroids.

Although most girls worry that lifting weights will reduce their femininity, it’s usually the reverse. Thin is a hell of a lot better than fat, but I (and most guys I know) love a girl with muscle tone. Observe:


2 thoughts on “Hey Ladies, You Won’t “Get Huge” If You Lift Weights

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