Why Every Man Should Try “No Fap”

At least once.

The orgasm is one of the strongest behavioral reinforcement mechanisms — and forces in general — in the human body.

You are lying to yourself if you think there isn’t a major cascade of hormones and neurochemicals that are released from ejaculation, causing countless downstream effects including changes in metabolism, protein synthesis and gene on/off switches.

Honestly, the possibilities of “No Fap” aren’t well understood, but could potentially be VERY far reaching.

Beyond the extreme desensitization of dopamine receptors, androgen receptor down-regulation and the surge/constant elevated levels of prolactin, you could also argue that in terms of non-physical psychology, it’s equally bad.


In the realm of the mind, everything is relative. Constantly rewarding your psyche of its most primal desire with a fake substitute is the ultimate self-created short circuit in manhood. Think about it — everyone talks about how emasculated males are becoming… perhaps it has to do with how soft and easy of a life we live compared to our ancestors. But hey, I prefer plenty of things about this ‘easy’ life. Don’t get me wrong.

The most ‘beta’ thing a guy can do in real life? Not take action. It’s a guy being a lazy, desperate shell of himself resorting to sitting in a dark room, stroking away while watching people actually having sex. I’m not against masturbation; I’m not against porn. But too much of either is a bad thing, just like many things in life. Overindulgence is wasteful and nonsensical. I touched on that here: click.


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