Puzzling Questions

2008 and 2009
Things were oh so fine
Just you and me
How damn sweet we thought the future would be

Then there was a whine
Followed by a lie
That wasn’t too kind
As if you thought I wouldn’t find

Out you went without a thing to say
You left me here alone
On two different cold December days
No closure or attempt to send me on my way

How did things get to be like that?
Unnecessary change can be so cruel
I did more for you than anyone else ever will
And you played me for a fool

So that’s how it had to end?
You had to screw me over
Just to be with him?
Remind me why I loved you again

I’ll never understand why you had to change
Why did you have to regress?
I guess there’s no answer for all these questions
But you definitely missed out on the very best


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