Karma is Bullshit

Positive energy and negative energy? I believe in that tenfold. How you carry yourself through your outward confidence, self-esteem and self-assured comfortability in and of yourself will make a huge difference in your life in comparison to the same way dragging through days, frowning and choosing to feel like shit over various things.

Karma? I see a lot of bad people do bad things to good people that don’t deserve it and get away with it, and then some, leading fulfilled lives of pleasure, joy and seemingly happiness.

You might say, “Well, that’s seemingly happiness… doesn’t mean they are happy on the inside”. — Doesn’t matter. I can’t even name one time I’ve ever seen ‘karma’ get after someone.

I’d rather have a stake in the ol’ positive energy/positive outcome and negative energy/negative outcome game, something you can control.


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