I Love Monster Muscle

I’ve drank a few more Monster Muscle energy drinks since I wrote this post. I love these things. A whopping 152 milligrams of caffeine and 25 grams of protein at only 200 calories. Again, Monster Energy deserves an A+ for the effort they’ve put into creating this line of drinks given how beneficial they are/could be to athletes. Instead of having to take the time to mix protein powder with water/milk in a shaker cup (and taking the time to thoroughly clean the shaker cup afterwards), these ready-to-drink 15 ounce cans are a hell of a lot more convenient, even if perhaps more expensive in the long run.

(Note: I’m not a detractor of protein powders — I have two tubs of Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey Protein in the flavors of mocha cappuccino and cake batter, which are delicious.)

I have to go a bit out of my way to find Monster Muscle, since none of the gas stations in my town carry it (yet), but it’s worth it. My favorite flavor so far is the vanilla, but all three flavors (asides from the aforementioned vanilla, chocolate and coffee) taste like milkshakes.

Thanks for the great product, Monster.

Let’s see if Rockstar comes out with something similar in the long run. I love the competition between these two companies!


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