Well, I Turned 22 Yesterday

I meant to write a post yesterday, but I was so tired by the end of the day I ended up going to bed at 9:50.

It was a pretty damn good birthday. Way better than last year, for sure. Last year, one of my friends came over on the 17th to watch Monday night football. He had a flat tire that night and just stayed here. The next morning, the 18th, turned into an exhaustingly horrible day that involved driving his mom (and her boyfriend) everywhere trying to get the related tools to fix the flat tire. On my birthday, I had to drive him to work and pick him up later that day (nobody else could do it). The drive to work and back? 20-25 miles, twice. And I had to drive through some shaky back roads that were out of town maintenance. Back roads involving one lane routes. In two words, it sucked.

That same friend? I haven’t saw him in four months. He’s ditched us (circle of friends) for the 46-year-old woman he’s in a relationship with (he’s just 23). Ah, that’s the way things go.

I thought about Bekki again. Couldn’t help it. I just wondered if she thought about me, since it was my birthday, y’know?

Onto more important, positive and better things: this weekend is going to be pretty awesome. Tomorrow night is UFC 165: Gustafsson/Jones for Jones’ Light Heavyweight title. I’m even more excited for that now since I know one of my friends will be off from work and ready to roll! On Sunday, my family is throwing me a birthday dinner. Well… Pizza Hut, KFC and a birthday cake from Dairy Queen or Food City. No complaining here. I’ve got an awesome life, honestly. A couple of good friends and a loving family. All is good. I’m thankful for that. I wouldn’t be shit without my mother or my aunt (my de facto second mother). I appreciate them more than I can truly express.

I’m glad to have been around for the last 22 years plus one day. I know I haven’t spent my time wisely in the last couple of years given how I’ve whined and sulked about and over things enough as is, but things are looking up. I do dread the upcoming winter, though, for various reasons. I’ll cover that soon enough.


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