Woohoo! UFC Tonight!

I don’t care how ‘bad’ a UFC fight card is perceived by people who think the fighters on it aren’t worth a pay-per-view buy. I enjoy going with a couple of my closest friends and eating out afterwards. It gets me out of the house and keeps me from being a hermit/recluse. One of the two friends that’s going has been into MMA longer than I have, and the other one I’ve been getting to go with us since the May 25th card (Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio “Big Foot” Silva) and he’s progressively gotten more into the sport and the organization (UFC) Itself.

Tonight’s pay-per-view has been downed by a lot of people… the detractors saying that the card isn’t good enough for pay-per-view quality. What we (friends and I) do is head out to a theater showing it, pay $10 bucks a piece and view it that way. Always makes for a good experience.

I couldn’t give less of a damn what tier fighters are competing. Going out with friends, watching and eating afterwards is a good enough excuse to head out.


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