Four Years Ago

Four years ago
Little did we know
A Friday in 2009
Could be so damn cold

I’m talking about your heart
You weren’t that way in the start
Of the things that were between us
We could never remain apart

And now it’s been that many years
Forty billion tears
Shed over you
The loss that was always my number one fear

Now I couldn’t take you back
Ever since your heart turned cold and black
The two different days you hurt me the most
Four years ago today, I should give myself some slack

I miss the way things were on that Friday
How you were, in every single way
You loved me so much
Or at least that’s what you used to say


One thought on “Four Years Ago

  1. When I read the first paragraph I felt a very natural tone but when the second part kicked in I couldn’t help but chuckle, “I was talking about your heart”, I could imagine someone luring in their past lover with the first line then suddenly unleashing their resentment. Very nice, thank you.

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