Temptation is a Momentum Killer

I’m 25 days into my cut and I’ve already fucked up a good bit of it. On a couple of days I’ve splurged. Reason being, chips and pizza have remained on the counter in the kitchen. Obviously chips more-so than pizza, but on 3-4 nights for the past couple of weeks a select person has brought pizza over and had it out in plain view.

A hand-tossed pizza featuring red onions, green & jalapeno peppers, pepperoni, pork sausage and ham all perched upon a thick layer of cheese? Sorry, but leave that out in front of me, and I’m devouring it.

But apparently I’ve lost 2 pounds. Could be water weight. I’m already in pretty decent shape as is, but I’m flabby as all hell, on the chest, gut and love handles, the worst place for a man to store fat considering those are estrogen-dominant areas and, obviously, no man wants that (or should want it).

Temptation is a momentum killer. I’ve gotten back on the wagon since this past weekend, but it’s been annoyingly tough. You gotta remove the temptation in front of you. No need for the pseudo-motivational talks about pushing past the temptation, mind over matter, etc. because that only works in the short-term. Gotta remove the excessive bullshit to chase the ultimate prize/realize the dream.


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