Resolving Junk

There’s plenty of junk in my life. Some people have junk in the trunk, of the — uh — vehicles they own or their derrieres, but my junk resides in my head in a hamster wheel-esque perpetual cycle.

I’ve found that a clean, tidy and organized bedroom can help alleviate the junk in my mind. See, I spend most of my time in my bedroom. I’ve got my computer, television (just for sports, occasional gaming and shows like Dexter (ended), Ray Donovan (season one has ended) and Breaking Bad (series will end tonight), bookshelf, fragrances, DVDs and free weights (dumbbells). This is my main domain.

The act of vacuuming, dusting and regular cleaning off the surfaces of my dresser, desk, bookshelf and other miscellaneous things is therapeutic. As a man and unfortunate perfectionist that is in the near OCD echelons when it comes to cleanliness, getting rid of useless junk that’s in the way and cleaning is a bit of a success, provides enjoyment and allows me to pat myself on the back, either forgetting about the junk that’s in the perpetual cycle in my mind or resolving it for a little while with this self-aware success.

Anything can be considered junk: depression, bad friends, parasite-like people in your life, physical things laying around in your house that you don’t need or use. That’s undoubtedly junk!

This post was prompted by today’s WordPress Daily Post.

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