Thunder Before the Storm (Relationships)

Remember when I wrote about Bekki up and leaving out of nowhere in December 2010?

There were signs. Plenty of them. There are always signs. Of course, she came back eight months later in 2011 and made things even more complicated, but I remember…

— She distanced herself from me as early as late October/November 2009 when she lied to her friends by telling them we were no longer in a relationship and lied to me about telling them that.
— In 2010, we were physically together less and talked on the phone less.
— She became apathetic about knowing how my days went. No longer asking, “How are you?” or inquiring by saying “tell me about your day!”
— We began only seeing each other once a week.

I still miss the way she was in 2008-2009. I’ll always be in love with that beautiful human being from those two years. Not who/what she is now.

Miss you.

Moving on with perseverance because it’s the only choice for future happiness.


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