Picking a Blog to Read

Finding an enjoyable blog to read is like running into a million bucks left on the ground. Well, not quite that, because I actually have no idea how that feels (or would feel), but I do know that I’ve never really sat down and scoured the web looking for a blog to read. I just casually run into websites through Google and/or WordPress and happen to land onto a blog.

I’m not a picky person; I’d like to think my interests are eclectic enough to help lead a path to find a plethora of good blogs to visit. So, with that said, my criteria lies on whether or not the blog can make me think, is humorous, ‘different’ and all that jazz. If the writer has a peculiar style and a way with words, that could also hook my readership. A unique blog by a writer with their own perspective of things that goes outside the conventional norm will attract me each and every single time. I find those types the most interesting.

And people that can use the words (or phrase for the latter) pulchritudinous and indole-3-carbinol in the same sentence gets me! Although I haven’t ran into anybody who’s used both terminologies in a same sentence. (Yet?)

The internet, and WordPress alone, is vast. My favorite blogs to find are the ones that are truly diamonds in the rough. They inspire me to aspire to be on their level. I’m just a guy that types his thoughts out, much like many out there in the land of WordPress.

This post was prompted by the WordPress Daily Post.

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4 thoughts on “Picking a Blog to Read

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  4. Unfortunately I’m not a chemist so understanding indole-3-carbinol might be difficult for me, though I’m sure it’s pulchritudinous, just like your blog. Does that count?! 🙂
    I like your voice (the written one, if that’s not obvious). I think I’ll go explore some more!

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