Reviewing Creed’s Aventus

I’ve been into fragrances my entire life, but I’ve only delved deep into this hobby as recently as the year 2011. I don’t care for fragrance snobs (those who strictly use niche fragrances and ignore designers). I’ll try anything, from $10 buck fragrances to the high end stuff. I’ve only found a couple of niche frags worth splurging on, and even then, getting in on splits and decants is the most economically sensible thing to do unless you are a serious bottle collector.

My nose isn’t as ‘experienced’ as many here. I won’t be able to pick out the aromatic artistry of every scent created. But I have my own, fresh takes, and I have plenty of memories attached to the fragrances I review. That’s what makes this hobby (or passion) so enthralling and personal: connections, memories, nostalgia, experiences, etc.

Anyhow, here we go with my take on the fragrance Aventus from the house of Creed:


Aventus is the epochal summer fragrance. A blast of pineapple, smoke and musk blends wonderfully for a hot summer’s day. It’s distinctive and WILL capture the attention of others.

The smoke’s masculine aura solidifies this scent as a fragrance directed towards men. The mixture, with the pineapple, creates a sophisticated aroma that can fit you in damn-well any clothing style, whether casual or formal.

For me, the unfortunate problem that I run into with Aventus is that I’m apparently anosmic to it after a few minutes unless I sniff my shirt or press my nose against my skin. I understand olfactory fatigue, but this seems to be an extreme case of it. Every now and again, I might get a whiff of the fragrance a few hours later, but outside of that I’m totally anosmic to it. I, however, know that others around me aren’t, as they’ve commented on the fragrance when the smell has deserted my nose.