MusclePharm Energy Drink Review: Energy Sport and Energy Sport Zero

Don’t waste your money on either of MusclePharm’s new energy drinks. One has 39 grams of sugar and the other has 0 grams of sugar and 0 calories per can. Regardless, seeing a health company release an energy drink with 39 grams of sugar is irresponsible and disgusting.

The flavors are okay, but nothing to write home about. The ingredient profile is the exact same as any Redbull, Monster, Rockstar or Nos. The only thing different about this drink line is the addition of Beta-Alanine, but if you want Beta-Alanine in an energy drink, buy VPX Redline, which is 500 times the energy drink MusclePharm: Energy Sport/Energy Sport Zero will ever be, and it’s also cheaper.

Also, the folks at MusclePharm were too lazy, cheap and careless to add the most bioavailable form of vitamin b12, methylcobalamin. They, instead, used what you see in any Redbull, Monster, Rockstar or Nos: cyanocobalamin, which the body cannot even absorb.

MusclePharm was evidently so desperate to join the energy drink game that they rushed this drink line out without doing anything new, interesting or creative. It’s trash. Please pass.

MusclePharm Energy Sport and Energy Sport Zero also has less caffeine than Redbull, Monster, Rockstar or Nos. Only 120 milligrams. That’s pitiful and unacceptable given the overdone price point.

Taste: 2/10; average just as anything else on the market.

Overall: 1/10; nothing to see here… just MusclePharm making a mediocre product just to join the energy drink craze.

If you want a good, healthy, caffeinated energy drink, buy VPX BANG energy or SPIKE energy. BANG has 300 milligrams of caffeine, creatine, glutamine, CoQ10 and amino acids. SPIKE has yohimbe, l-tyrosine, the most bioavailable form of vitamin b12 methylcobalamin (which BANG also features!) and 300 milligrams of caffeine as well.

MusclePharm, you should be ashamed of yourselves for releasing a subpar and underwhelming product. The only thing interesting about your drink is the Beta Alanine, but that’s it.

Consumers and general lovers of energy drinks, please pass. This product brings nothing new to the table. I have officially lost respect for MusclePharm for releasing a horrid product like this to the market.


I’ll Never Get Over My Ex-Girlfriend 100%

It’s been 22 months and 17 days since my last conversation with Bekki.

It’s been 18 months and 2 days since I’ve even spoken to Bekki.

And I’m still not over her. I never will be 100%. Keyword(s): One hundred percent.

I’ve written about it one too many times on here, but that relationship should have been everlasting and eternal. It ended due to bullshit mistakes on both parts. My part? Fear, anxiety and disrespect (towards myself). Her part? Dishonesty, immaturity and infidelity.

I want to go back to the years 2008 and 2009 and stay there forever. I miss the way I was, and more importantly, I miss the way she was. I had a dream last night that’s kept me down in the dumps all day. The dream was about her. She was like the way she was in 2008 and 2009, giggling and laughing, telling me she loved me. I held her.

Then I woke up.

I want to be in a relationship. One might surmise that I shouldn’t be in one right now, but hey, Bekki should have never gotten into another one at her point, yet she’s engaged to some shmuck and has a 9 month old daughter with him. So who the fuck is to say I shouldn’t be in a relationship at this juncture? Problem is, the girls I’ve encountered are bland and underwhelming in contrast to the 2008-2009 version of Bekki. Unfair? Yep, but I can’t just lower my standards and neither should anybody else.

I might as well resolve to be alone for the next several years and just wait, I reckon. I’m still extremely young. I just miss having a girl to hold, tickle, hear her laugh and just ‘be’.

I miss the road trips Bekki and I would take. We could have a serious conversation one minute and laugh about something silly two minutes later. In 2008 and 2009 (before she changed), life was perfect. She was perfect. Our relationship was perfect.

I miss that. Do I miss Bekki? Or do I miss having a girlfriend? Or is what I miss a combination of both factors?

Either way, despite the fact that I am a person that enjoys alone time, I feel so goddamn lonely, unwanted, unmotivated and my confidence is at an all-time low.

Time to stop feeling sorry for myself and pick myself up by the bootstraps, but holy shit, I just want to be happy, satisfied and fulfilled. I miss having a girl wrap her arms around me and tell me that she needs me. Heh… who the fuck even needs, let alone wants me now? I just have three close friends I see merely once a month.

Right now, at my age, I don’t want marriage. I don’t want any kids (right now). I just want stability. With a girl. No lying, no bullshit cheating. Just something with two people that have chemistry, maturity and a desire to spend time together with a bond that features both persons supporting each other through the trials and tribulations in life.

Just a Few Things I Do Every Day to Help Me Not Give a Fuck

Reposting this from Reddit:

This just popped into my mind. I just wanted to share a few tips with you guys and gals to boost your self-confidence in your day to day life. I obviously care about a lot of things and have things that drag me down. But that’s what this subreddit is for right? A collective group of people with the main goal of not giving a fuck and achieving success in life. So here a few tips from me, both physically and mentally, that have found their place in my life and have helped (and still helping me) reinforce my self-esteem.

  • Take a shower in the morning

I don’t know about you guys but for me, when I wake up in the morning I feel groggy as. Taking a shower helps me get refreshed and also helps me mentally plan out my day in my head.

  • Pump up your favorite music and sing and dance your goddamn heart out

I am a horrible dancer and an even worse singer haha. But I just love the fact that I can be so embarrassing when no one but me is around. I think that it demonstrates to myself that this is who I am and I don’t give a FUCK about what people think. It considerably boosts my morale if I’m feeling down and I can start my day knowing that I can be myself and not be ashamed of it.

  • Have a good walking posture

For myself, this is a working progress. I usually slouch because it’s become so natural for me to over the years. But as soon as I straighten my back out and stick out my chest I feel like a whole new person. I don’t know the exact physiology around it but it really is a world of difference between slouching and a boss walking posture. The former almost imitates having huge burdens on your shoulder, whilst the latter imitates not giving a FUCK.

  • Exercise

This probably has been said a million times before but exercise really does wonders for your self-esteem. There’s just so many benefits that come from it. You feel better from the endorphins and satisfaction from hitting the gym. You have a sense of improvement in your physical body and mental framework. Finally, you’ll look better so once more increasing that self-confidence.

  • Talking to people

I used to be really shy but I started one of those annoying charity salespersons on the street (Apologies x 1000) which asked people to donate to charity. Aside from that, I met some really nice people on the streets. I found that the more you talked to people, the more you make them laugh, the more you have an influential impact on them, the higher your self-confidence will be.

  • Try to express your opinion and yourself whenever possible

Whenever you find yourself hesitating to speak up because there is an alternate opinion or because it’s awkward, force yourself to do so. It helps you overcome these mental barriers that you have in your mind the more frequently you express your opinion. Although, do bear in mind that people will find it annoying if you do continually speak your mind in inappropriate circumstances.

  • Lastly, talk with authority in your tone

Try projecting your voice a little louder with a bit more force at the end of your tongue. Not only does it make people trust you more because you sound more secure and grounded in what your saying, but it also subconsciously tricks your brain into thinking that you are a boss and that you are important.

Hopefully these few tips will benefit someone in some way!

On Marriage

Marriage is NOT a trap and if it turns out that way, you trapped yourself or allowed another to trap you. Choose more wisely.

Marriage is NOT a joke unless it is made a mockery of.

Marriage is not a “deal”. It is the union of two separate lives into one mutual effort.

Marriage is not indentured servitude, unless you marry a slave or a slave master. Again — choose more wisely.

Essentially, all of these horrid descriptions of marriage we hear are actually describing “marriage” – that poor, mutilated little word that folks who really didn’t intend on fulfilling the real deal call their little “arrangements”.

Often times it is one partner who gaffs the load and sometimes it is both but at the end of the day I don’t think that marriage is actually being — for the most part — conceived, entered into, conducted or dissolved as it should rightfully be anymore.

I pity the younger people coming up behind us as I think that they like the concept of “marriage” but most have no actual real world experience and no societal benefit that would prepare them to even form an accurate idea of what marriage would, could or should be.

It makes me very, very sad indeed to agree with most of the warnings heard here I say “Probably better not do it.” Not right now, anyway. Where there is hope there is life; where there is life there are possibilities.

In Control of the Internet?! Large AND In Charge?!

Why hell yeah!

Or a soft “hell no”!

If I were in charge of the internet and the “Big Boss Daddy”, so to speak, of the interwebs, the entire e-world would be one giant bin for looney toons. Then again, it already is, and I’d might just make a damn good Prime Minister of the internet world.

This post was prompted by today’s WordPress Daily Post.


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Just a message to you.

Our relationship had substance and a story. It was remarkable, exceptional even. It could and should have been an everlasting union between you and I, but you destroyed it for temporary means. I’ll never understand why. There is no “why”. All potential reasons are baseless and illogical.

You told me, once upon a time, that I deserve better than you. Yeah, I do. But I can’t get over what could have and should have been. I inevitably, unavoidably encounter way too many nostalgia-inducing mementos – things — on a daily basis. Getting over you is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life, and that’s saying a lot.

Thunder Before the Storm (Relationships)

Remember when I wrote about Bekki up and leaving out of nowhere in December 2010?

There were signs. Plenty of them. There are always signs. Of course, she came back eight months later in 2011 and made things even more complicated, but I remember…

— She distanced herself from me as early as late October/November 2009 when she lied to her friends by telling them we were no longer in a relationship and lied to me about telling them that.
— In 2010, we were physically together less and talked on the phone less.
— She became apathetic about knowing how my days went. No longer asking, “How are you?” or inquiring by saying “tell me about your day!”
— We began only seeing each other once a week.

I still miss the way she was in 2008-2009. I’ll always be in love with that beautiful human being from those two years. Not who/what she is now.

Miss you.

Moving on with perseverance because it’s the only choice for future happiness.