Gonads: A Silly and Erroneously Written Haiku

Curse you, soapsuds!
For adhering to my gonads
I mean nuts


The Way Things Used To Be

Remember you and me
And the way things used to be?
On the phone late at night
Not a single fight

Remember you and I
Before you cheated and lied?
You would be so excited to hear my voice
You said being with me was the very best choice

Remember me and you
When you were my sweet, little baby boo?
When our relationship was the greatest thing
I thought for sure I’d give you that special ring

Remember us
Before you crashed our relationship like a mechanically flawed bus?
You left, forever, not for a while
I’ll never understand how you could turn so vile

Remember we
And how we were just two crazy teens?
You screwed me over with nary a sound
Took my heart and you smashed it into the ground

Four Years Ago

Four years ago
Little did we know
A Friday in 2009
Could be so damn cold

I’m talking about your heart
You weren’t that way in the start
Of the things that were between us
We could never remain apart

And now it’s been that many years
Forty billion tears
Shed over you
The loss that was always my number one fear

Now I couldn’t take you back
Ever since your heart turned cold and black
The two different days you hurt me the most
Four years ago today, I should give myself some slack

I miss the way things were on that Friday
How you were, in every single way
You loved me so much
Or at least that’s what you used to say

A Damaging Betrayal

Too many steps
You walked a fine line
You spewed a lot of shit
Like telling me you are all mine

Let’s put things to rest
There’s not much to say
Our relationship was once immaculate
But it was lost in the fray

You told me you loved me
It was said all the time
Did you really mean it?
Or was it only said to keep us in a bind?

I didn’t want to lose you
But, really, you lost me
You threw the greatest thing away
Why is it that you can’t see?