Picking a Blog to Read

Finding an enjoyable blog to read is like running into a million bucks left on the ground. Well, not quite that, because I actually have no idea how that feels (or would feel), but I do know that I’ve never really sat down and scoured the web looking for a blog to read. I just casually run into websites through Google and/or WordPress and happen to land onto a blog.

I’m not a picky person; I’d like to think my interests are eclectic enough to help lead a path to find a plethora of good blogs to visit. So, with that said, my criteria lies on whether or not the blog can make me think, is humorous, ‘different’ and all that jazz. If the writer has a peculiar style and a way with words, that could also hook my readership. A unique blog by a writer with their own perspective of things that goes outside the conventional norm will attract me each and every single time. I find those types the most interesting.

And people that can use the words (or phrase for the latter) pulchritudinous and indole-3-carbinol in the same sentence gets me! Although I haven’t ran into anybody who’s used both terminologies in a same sentence. (Yet?)

The internet, and WordPress alone, is vast. My favorite blogs to find are the ones that are truly diamonds in the rough. They inspire me to aspire to be on their level. I’m just a guy that types his thoughts out, much like many out there in the land of WordPress.

This post was prompted by the WordPress Daily Post.

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The Greatest Show of All-Time (Breaking Bad) Ended Last Night

No spoilers


Unlike the Dexter series finale, when Breaking Bad’s final episode — the 62nd one to be precise — aired and completed, I smiled. Everything about this final 8-episode season was absolutely perfect. Even from an objective standpoint, I cannot even begin to criticize one thing about this season. It was as perfect of a television show as you can get. The writing was tremendous and didn’t leave you feeling stupid. I’d be willing to bet, if you are a fan, you watched last night’s episode and felt fulfilled afterwards.

Or maybe empty, since it’s all over (UFC’s Mike Goldberg voice).

Breaking Bad has set the standards on how a television show should be. It had everything from drama to snippets of comedy to action to storytelling. It told a fine, fine story. The problem I have with Hollywood as a whole, everything has been constricted to romantic comedies, superhero movies and action movies with a horde of explosions. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a solid Rom-Com every now and again (will never truly admit this in person to anyone) as well as a superhero flick or a fictional White House being blown up in the guise of a film, but why not simply tell me a good story.

The television show Breaking Bad did just that. A story was told.

Thank you, Vince Gilligan.

I Love Monster Muscle

I’ve drank a few more Monster Muscle energy drinks since I wrote this post. I love these things. A whopping 152 milligrams of caffeine and 25 grams of protein at only 200 calories. Again, Monster Energy deserves an A+ for the effort they’ve put into creating this line of drinks given how beneficial they are/could be to athletes. Instead of having to take the time to mix protein powder with water/milk in a shaker cup (and taking the time to thoroughly clean the shaker cup afterwards), these ready-to-drink 15 ounce cans are a hell of a lot more convenient, even if perhaps more expensive in the long run.

(Note: I’m not a detractor of protein powders — I have two tubs of Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey Protein in the flavors of mocha cappuccino and cake batter, which are delicious.)

I have to go a bit out of my way to find Monster Muscle, since none of the gas stations in my town carry it (yet), but it’s worth it. My favorite flavor so far is the vanilla, but all three flavors (asides from the aforementioned vanilla, chocolate and coffee) taste like milkshakes.

Thanks for the great product, Monster.

Let’s see if Rockstar comes out with something similar in the long run. I love the competition between these two companies!

Karma is Bullshit

Positive energy and negative energy? I believe in that tenfold. How you carry yourself through your outward confidence, self-esteem and self-assured comfortability in and of yourself will make a huge difference in your life in comparison to the same way dragging through days, frowning and choosing to feel like shit over various things.

Karma? I see a lot of bad people do bad things to good people that don’t deserve it and get away with it, and then some, leading fulfilled lives of pleasure, joy and seemingly happiness.

You might say, “Well, that’s seemingly happiness… doesn’t mean they are happy on the inside”. — Doesn’t matter. I can’t even name one time I’ve ever seen ‘karma’ get after someone.

I’d rather have a stake in the ol’ positive energy/positive outcome and negative energy/negative outcome game, something you can control.

Porn is Overrated

I’m not a big porn guy these days. I’m just not. Forced and fake moaning, choreographed sex between two people that aren’t even attracted to each other and only going after the mighty dollar, most of the guys are completely shaved and hairless, most of the women are completely shaved and hairless, and furthermore, the woman go the extra mile by having plastic surgery and many get their buttholes bleached pink. Just toutin’ facts.

But I’m not against porn. Watch it if you want — I don’t give a shit. Religious zealots turn my stomach just as much as radical feminists do. Porn can be nothing or it can be something. What I mean by that is, it can be 5-10 minutes of your day or it can be an hour or more of your day. If you are spending that much time (an hour or more) surfing porn, woe is you. You could be spending that time doing anything to be more productive. If you want to do it, great, but why not achieve the real thing with a real woman or real man? The real thing is better, anyway.

People are flipping out about the whole Miley Cyrus (who’s ugly as hell these days, sadly enough the crackhead Draco Malfoy of women) thing at the VMAs, but an article I read pointed out that most teens have saw worse from some goooooood ol’ porn.

I remember I first saw a glimpse of pseudo-porn back on Newgrounds in the year 1999-early 2000. I was between ages 8 and 9 back then. I saw a photoshopped picture of Britney Spears. Back then, I was hardcore into watching WWF/pro wrestling (known as the WWE today). Now, if you folks don’t know, it was very risque and crude back then with its female wrestlers. They wore scantily clad clothes and were promiscuous as hell. This played a psychological game in my head because even then at ages 9-11 I felt extreme sexual attraction and arousal towards diva wrestlers like Trish Stratus, Lita and eventually (2001-2002) Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. I also, back then, also had a crush on Stephanie McMahon. I would scour the web looking for ‘nude pics’, y’know, which there were plenty of ‘fake ones’ around at the time.

By 2002 and 2003 I was watching full-blown porn. A lot of wild stuff I won’t even regale you, my readers, with. By 2005, the year I turned 14, I had delved into reading erotica and, secretly, began writing it.

Do I think it fucked me up? No, not really. I was just exposed pretty early, but that was my own doings because I wanted to.

“Smutler! Your parents should have set up a porn blocker or something! A filter! Why didn’t they?!” — they tried, but it didn’t matter. Anyone with a couple of brain cells can figure out how to bypass those filters, even kids, so it was easy to just create a new user account, download a new browser or find a way to access ‘invisible’ mode.

I don’t think porn itself fucks up people, but if you are a man or woman sitting around for hours and watching a lot of over-the-top porn, it’s easy to lose touch with reality. Desensitizing your dopamine receptors and excitotoxins in the pineal gland of your brain can do some long-term harm, too, but that’s only at the extreme end of porn, if you are watching it for a big chunk of your day.

Again, I’d like to say that there’s nothing inherently wrong with porn. If you think there is, get the fuck off my blog and preach your horseshit elsewhere. It can be a fantasy related escape, and it is for many. I’m more into erotica, which I reckon is also an escape. Everybody has some kind of escape in life, whether it’s a vice or whatever. But once it overtakes much of your time and you get these expectations about what this or that should be, and you see women as NOTHING MORE than sexual objects, your reality can be fucked up, skewed and it will difficult for you to maintain a healthy relationship.

I’ll disclose a fetish of mine to you, my readers. A natural desire. Call me a freak, but I love the natural smell of a woman. Yes, hygiene is a must, and I appreciate daily showers, but with my girlfriends of the past, I loved their natural scent, especially their thighs after a warm day and even their butts. Yes, yes, yes, you read that correctly: their butts. No, not the smell you are thinking of, but the natural scent of a woman’s butt, which contains more apocrine glands than men and thus contains more pheromones. Again, not the smell you are thinking of. With hygiene properly assured and taken care of, it’s a natural scent. But, here’s the thing, if you go out and get with a beautiful girl one day, with this fetish, and you bury your nose between her cheeks? Well, there’s a good possibility it won’t be the natural scent you are after, and it’s the other. That doesn’t mean her hygiene is porous, but it’s a freakin’ butthole. That’s why precautions and hygiene need to be accounted for in general, anyway. I always give the human beings I meet the benefit of the doubt of taking a shower every day. But not everything is peachy keen and roses. The same with anal sex and ass to mouth. Yeah… unless you get an enema, it will be dirty, but dirtiness is a part of sex, ladies and gentlemen. Sex is not a controlled experiment in a sterile lab, and pure sex is the best, but I’m just making a point here.

Two paragraphs ago I wrote (paraphrasing incoming) “you might begin to see women as nothing more than sexual objects”… first of all, biology makes it imperative for heterosexual men to see women they find attractive to be sex objects. Well, let me find a better term: sexually attractive. It’s reasonable. You can’t fight it. If I see a girl that I’m attracted to, I want to have sex with her. I’m sorry, but I do. Any heterosexual man with a healthy sex drive that says otherwise is a boldfaced liar. I don’t know how homosexual males feel, but I’d assume it’s similar? If anyone wants to chip in their 2 cents, that would be appreciated. But men and women are both human beings, with flaws, their own unique characteristics, lives, pasts, backgrounds, personalities, etc. But sexual attraction is merely that. Too many people whine and complain about this, that or the other, they make a big deal about shit that shouldn’t even be an issue, but looking at a woman and thinking, “My god, I’d love to fuck her” is different than treating her like a piece of meat. And if a heterosexual man with a healthy sex drive sees a woman he’s sexually attractive to and says he doesn’t think that, then again, he’s a fucking liar or asexual with a nonexistent sex drive.

I’ve veered off the beaten meat (I couldn’t help myself) path of porn.

Try going a week or more without porn. Hell, try not masturbating for a few days. Enjoy your voracious sex drive. A full, heavy pair of testicles will impel you to go out there and want to meet real women/men instead of sitting in front of a brightly lit screen at 1 in the morning, tugging your sex organ.

Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb

Infusing the codes of masculine perfumery with dynamite, Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf is an explosive cocktail of virility, transforming you into a powerful, intense and daring man. An explosion of zesty and spicy notes balanced by a blaze of extremely sensual and addictive tobacco notes create a fiery masculinity.

Already one of my all-time favorite fragrances. I purchased a bottle of it back in January and it’s absolutely perfect with shades of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille and Paco Rabanne’s One Million blended together. I love it.


Monster Energy’s New Muscle Milkshakes

After months of waiting for Monster Energy’s new protein milkshake “Muscle” drink line to come around to my area (since I basically live in the middle of nowhere), I spotted the flavors yesterday, and I picked up two vanillas, one chocolate and one coffee.

I tried the vanilla yesterday — absolutely delicious. For 200 calories in a total can, you get 25 grams of pure protein via unfiltered skim milk (and what I presume to also be partly 1% reduced fat milk) in the form of casein protein as well as 152 mg of caffeine per can. This is the best thing Monster has came out with since its Rehab series in 2011. This gives Monster an edge over Rockstar and Redbull since nobody else in the energy drink business is doing this. It’s a damned delicious source of protein for active individuals, and hell, I think I could get my 62-year-old mother to drink this with a breakfast featuring bacon and eggs, because it would really be the perfect protein source to her day, especially if I get her to take supplements like vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 with it, since Monster Muscle contains 50% of the RDA value of calcium, and the combination of D3 and K2 with the calcium will direct it where it needs to go: bones/teeth. I digress.


I give the new Monster Muscle drinks a 10/10. I’ll be buy a lot more on Saturday. I haven’t tried the coffee flavor yet, but I’m drinking the chocolate one now, and it’s absolutely stellar. I love it. I’m getting ready to go and do some bodyweight exercises in about a half hour or so from now, and while caffeine doesn’t hit me like it used to (after four years and five months of constant caffeine consumption, that’s what happens), it at least wakes me up, and who can complain about a delicious source of 25 grams of protein and 20 grams of carbs at only 200 calories? It’s amazing, especially for athletes. Sedentary individuals? Eh…

Casein protein is slow digesting protein compared to, say, whey protein, so it will stay in your body for a few more hours than what you might think.

I’m impressed, Monster.

Now I can only hope that Sam’s Club will put these out into a 24-count case. I’d easily buy 2-3 cases of them.