On Marriage

Marriage is NOT a trap and if it turns out that way, you trapped yourself or allowed another to trap you. Choose more wisely.

Marriage is NOT a joke unless it is made a mockery of.

Marriage is not a “deal”. It is the union of two separate lives into one mutual effort.

Marriage is not indentured servitude, unless you marry a slave or a slave master. Again — choose more wisely.

Essentially, all of these horrid descriptions of marriage we hear are actually describing “marriage” – that poor, mutilated little word that folks who really didn’t intend on fulfilling the real deal call their little “arrangements”.

Often times it is one partner who gaffs the load and sometimes it is both but at the end of the day I don’t think that marriage is actually being — for the most part — conceived, entered into, conducted or dissolved as it should rightfully be anymore.

I pity the younger people coming up behind us as I think that they like the concept of “marriage” but most have no actual real world experience and no societal benefit that would prepare them to even form an accurate idea of what marriage would, could or should be.

It makes me very, very sad indeed to agree with most of the warnings heard here I say “Probably better not do it.” Not right now, anyway. Where there is hope there is life; where there is life there are possibilities.