Guaranteed Ways for Men to Increase Testosterone Levels

I don’t think it is any secret that testosterone levels rise and fall with experiences. Winning, or dominating, raise the levels. Being subordinate lowers the level. I suspect just being confident, and having good posture, raises the level. Certainly, having sex with attractive women raises the level. Lifting weight or being active in general raises it. Eating a high fat diet will raise it.

I say these things above based on my own positive experiences. However, the testosterone increases that have been shown to have occurred following winning or watching a favorite sports team win is only a temporary boost that will last for about an hour compared to total testosterone and free testosterone balances. The hormone fluctuates during the day.

Being obese, a low level cubicle worker and/or subordinate/unconfident will very likely drop your testosterone.

There’s more than lifting weights and hitting on women, though. Start winning. Winning — at anything competitive — increases T.


What use are you if you never test your mettle and grow stronger? I guess it’s the “use it” or “lose it” effects of testosterone. Why should your pituitary and leydig cells in your testicles produce any if you aren’t going to be doing anything to require it?

A solid share of free time/hobbies should be spent competing. Healthy competition is, well, healthy. If you have to play a video game, play a skills-based video game where you are ranked. (It’s the difference between something like World of Warcraft — fairly non-competitive —and Starcraft — nerdy as it is, you are constantly reminded of your place in the rankings, and the better player will win).

Competition isn’t the be all, end all of everything, though.

— Lose fat. Especially belly fat, love handles and chest fat, all three being the worst fat for men.
— Avoid alcohol. If you must drink, limit yourself to once a month and don’t go overboard.
— Eat nuts. Almonds, pistachios and peanuts are my favorites. Brazil nuts are great, too, but treat them like a supplement due to high selenium content.
— Sautee your salads with extra virgin olive oil.
— Consider cooking with coconut oil.
— Eat red meat
— Take fish oil/omega-3 supplements unless you eat a lot of fish
— Hell… eat fish! I love salmon.
— take 5,000 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 daily.
— take 50mg of zinc picolinate a couple of times a week.
— Walk around. Be active.
— Lift weights. Or at the very least do bodyweight exercises.
— Steer your life towards a ‘productive’ orientation rather than a ‘consumptive’ one. Instead of continually consuming things for pleasure, create. Learn, innovate, grow, build and occasionally destroy. Stop relying purely on the productive labor of others, playing their video games, watching their art, eating their salty and sweet snack foods. Stop repeatedly tapping on your dopamine button like a cocaine addicted rat in a skinner box.
— Go out and start talking to women. After a 5 minute conversation with an attractive woman, male testosterone levels can increase up to 30% from baseline (relative to an increase of 13% for conversing with males). Just like what I said about competition and winning, this degree of testosterone increase is unlikely to exert any anabolic effect on muscle tissue, but can contribute to neurology.
— Be more social.

When you have higher testosterone levels, you’ll probably smell better to women.


Overcoming Estrogen Dominance

Zinc, zinc, zinc. Zinc is a natural enzyme supporter. Allegedly, zinc assists in over 200 enzymes within the body, helping them into cells and whatnot. Zinc is also touted as a natural aromatase inhibitor*… that’s a part about zinc that I’ve been interested in for a while.

Since last July (2012), I’ve been taking NOW (brand) Zinc Picolinate. To be honest, I haven’t noticed much of a difference within the way I feel, but I’m certain that it’s been beneficial whether I’ve realized it or not. I want to cut down on the aromatase, estrogen and estradiol. I’m certain that I have too much of that shit lingering in my body, and that’s not good for any man who’s looking to become a lean machine, a molecular structured biblical nightmare beast.


You know why I still sense estrogen dominance in my body? My gut, love handles and chest. Too much fat in my chest assures me of this, especially the good ol’ man boobs. I can’t stand them, and I’ve been insecure about them for as long as possible. I give many people a facade in public. I suck my stomach in (I’m good at it) and look halfway decent when it comes to presenting myself. I also have a couple of shirts that makes the form of my torso look solid and my chest look hard, flat and tight. What a phony I am. I want to turn the facade into the real deal, and that’s what I’m going to be doing, rest assured.

“So, have you ever done any blood tests to be certain of estrogen dominance as in high estradiol levels?”, you are probably asking in your head and wondering… Answer: nope. No blood tests. Don’t need them. I just know. I always thought I had a masculine face, but I recently read that round faces in men is a sign of high estradiol production. Still not sure if that’s completely accurate, but with that, the gut, love handles and chest fat, I’m definitely sure of my body being HIGH in the aromatase enzyme. Aromatase ‘lives’ in fat cells, adipose tissue, what may have you… and I don’t need all of this adipose, yo. So I’m going to destroy it. Here I come.

*Aromatase is the enzyme that is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen.