MusclePharm Energy Drink Review: Energy Sport and Energy Sport Zero

Don’t waste your money on either of MusclePharm’s new energy drinks. One has 39 grams of sugar and the other has 0 grams of sugar and 0 calories per can. Regardless, seeing a health company release an energy drink with 39 grams of sugar is irresponsible and disgusting.

The flavors are okay, but nothing to write home about. The ingredient profile is the exact same as any Redbull, Monster, Rockstar or Nos. The only thing different about this drink line is the addition of Beta-Alanine, but if you want Beta-Alanine in an energy drink, buy VPX Redline, which is 500 times the energy drink MusclePharm:¬†Energy Sport/Energy Sport Zero will ever be, and it’s also cheaper.

Also, the folks at MusclePharm were too lazy, cheap and careless to add the most bioavailable form of vitamin b12, methylcobalamin. They, instead, used what you see in any Redbull, Monster, Rockstar or Nos: cyanocobalamin, which the body cannot even absorb.

MusclePharm was evidently so desperate to join the energy drink game that they rushed this drink line out without doing anything new, interesting or creative. It’s trash. Please pass.

MusclePharm Energy Sport and Energy Sport Zero also has less caffeine¬†than Redbull, Monster, Rockstar or Nos. Only 120 milligrams. That’s pitiful and unacceptable given the overdone price point.

Taste: 2/10; average just as anything else on the market.

Overall: 1/10; nothing to see here… just MusclePharm making a mediocre product just to join the energy drink craze.

If you want a good, healthy, caffeinated energy drink, buy VPX BANG energy or SPIKE energy. BANG has 300 milligrams of caffeine, creatine, glutamine, CoQ10 and amino acids. SPIKE has yohimbe, l-tyrosine, the most bioavailable form of vitamin b12 methylcobalamin (which BANG also features!) and 300 milligrams of caffeine as well.

MusclePharm, you should be ashamed of yourselves for releasing a subpar and underwhelming product. The only thing interesting about your drink is the Beta Alanine, but that’s it.

Consumers and general lovers of energy drinks, please pass. This product brings nothing new to the table. I have officially lost respect for MusclePharm for releasing a horrid product like this to the market.