Wake Me Up When September Begins

I’ve always loved the month of September. Yeah, call me biased, since my birthday is in this month, but the NFL’s regular season starts and UFC 165 will be on September 21st. What’s not to like?

I started my cut yesterday. I’m around the ballpark of 6’2″ — 6’3″ at 228 lbs. looking to get down to at least 205, perhaps even 195, and go from there.

I’m going the IF (intermittent fasting) route simply because I’d rather eat one or two big meals than multiple small meals a day. Back when I used to believe in that overhyped, over-heralded hog shit (multiple small meals a day), I felt like hell all the time. It was never satiating compared to a big meal laden with meat, some vegetables and fruit, but I digress.

My Foreman grill will be coming in handy due to the fact that I can use it without any oil. Yesterday I cooked skinless chicken tenderloins on it in three minutes time. It’s been a long time coming to get to the point of being able to cook something in the Foreman without it drying out, so I was happy. Unfortunately, cleaning the fucker takes more time than cooking, but eh, I’ll get used to it. I seasoned my chicken with garlic pepper, which is some pretty awesome stuff.

Asides from some dumbbell curls and three hours of walking, no exercising has been done yet. I’m going to get on the treadmill soon and briskly walk at about 3.3-3.4 at merely a 2.0 incline. Other people make me look like a little, weak bitch, but at that speed it gets my heart pumping greatly and I’m drenched in sweat after 30-35 minutes, so I see no harm. As for running, I’ll do that once I condition myself.

Bodyweight exercises will have to do, but who says you can’t gain muscle via your own bodyweight? It’s still a form of resistance training.

The closest gym to me is 20 miles away and expensive as hell, not to mention overcrowded. The other gym? The local college gym, which you must have a college ID, and it’s filled with idiots that sweat all over the equipment and fail to wipe it off. No thanks, folks.

I wish I had my very own private gym with optimal weight equipment and a basketball court. That would be amazing.


Monster Energy’s New Muscle Milkshakes

After months of waiting for Monster Energy’s new protein milkshake “Muscle” drink line to come around to my area (since I basically live in the middle of nowhere), I spotted the flavors yesterday, and I picked up two vanillas, one chocolate and one coffee.

I tried the vanilla yesterday — absolutely delicious. For 200 calories in a total can, you get 25 grams of pure protein via unfiltered skim milk (and what I presume to also be partly 1% reduced fat milk) in the form of casein protein as well as 152 mg of caffeine per can. This is the best thing Monster has came out with since its Rehab series in 2011. This gives Monster an edge over Rockstar and Redbull since nobody else in the energy drink business is doing this. It’s a damned delicious source of protein for active individuals, and hell, I think I could get my 62-year-old mother to drink this with a breakfast featuring bacon and eggs, because it would really be the perfect protein source to her day, especially if I get her to take supplements like vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 with it, since Monster Muscle contains 50% of the RDA value of calcium, and the combination of D3 and K2 with the calcium will direct it where it needs to go: bones/teeth. I digress.


I give the new Monster Muscle drinks a 10/10. I’ll be buy a lot more on Saturday. I haven’t tried the coffee flavor yet, but I’m drinking the chocolate one now, and it’s absolutely stellar. I love it. I’m getting ready to go and do some bodyweight exercises in about a half hour or so from now, and while caffeine doesn’t hit me like it used to (after four years and five months of constant caffeine consumption, that’s what happens), it at least wakes me up, and who can complain about a delicious source of 25 grams of protein and 20 grams of carbs at only 200 calories? It’s amazing, especially for athletes. Sedentary individuals? Eh…

Casein protein is slow digesting protein compared to, say, whey protein, so it will stay in your body for a few more hours than what you might think.

I’m impressed, Monster.

Now I can only hope that Sam’s Club will put these out into a 24-count case. I’d easily buy 2-3 cases of them.