Sexual Objectification

Y’know, if women didn’t want their butts objectified they wouldn’t wear such shorts. Men seem to do fine in knee-length shorts, so there is clearly a “check out my ass” thing going on here. Being offended is NOT a ‘right’.

People walk around thinking they have a ‘right’ to be offended at anything and everything they want. They don’t. No one has a ‘right’ to be offended. It’s a ‘choice’ to be offended and to state so in a public forum. Being offended is a subjective thing, it’s different for everyone. With this particular photo, I’m more offended at the cobalt blue nail polish than anything else. In the famous words of Stephen Fry, “You are offended. So fucking what?”

As for women being offended at other women being objectified, well… hypocrisy abounds doesn’t it? Yoga shorts/pants, sports bras, bikinis, lingerie high fashion, etc., etc., etc. It’s ALL about how a woman looks both to men but more importantly to other women. Most women’s ‘offense’ springs from jealousy. Just my 2 cents and unadulterated opinion.

Here’s a woman’s opinion on the woman in the picture:

I’m pretty sure when she bought those shorts & put them on she was perfectly aware of what her butt looked like in them. Please ladies, stop acting so sweet & proper we all know the 1st thing we look at when we try any bottoms on is our ass. Hers happens to be pretty damn perfect. Good for her. Now, get off yours & go do some heavy squats! The human body is nothing to be ashamed of embrace it.

The picture above was posted on a Crossfit page on Facebook. I couldn’t give less of a shit about Crossfit. I think it can do some fucked up damage to your joints and that traditional weightlifting and bodyweight exercises are superior muscle sculpting methods, but that’s another topic for another time. A friend of mine shared the picture on his page and I just happened to take a gander at the comments since the nice, round ass of the woman who obviously squats caught my attention.


Hey Ladies, You Won’t “Get Huge” If You Lift Weights

It’s my sworn duty as a man that appreciates the fine art of a fine, feminine derriere to eliminate the scourge of flatassery in every form. Part of the game plan involves lifting something that’s supposed to be fucking heavy. Most guys are total sissies and would rather spend their days in a Mountain Dew/Xbox coma instead of lifting some heavy shit. However, women offer the strongest resistance to weight training, and they all use the same ridiculous excuse:

“I don’t want to get huge!”
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Ladies, I have news for you. One round of squats will not magically transform you into the She-Hulk. In fact, you aren’t going to “get huge” at all, unless you embark on years of very specific training and nutritional regimes and (most likely) testosterone supplements and steroids.

Although most girls worry that lifting weights will reduce their femininity, it’s usually the reverse. Thin is a hell of a lot better than fat, but I (and most guys I know) love a girl with muscle tone. Observe: